Book Review! Tales of the Dead of Night – Thirteen Classic Ghost Stories selected by Cecily Gayford

Tales from the Dead of Night – Thirteen Classic Ghost Stories selected by Cecily Gayford

Oooh ghost stories. They’ve been around a long time, which makes you wonder: back in the days without the graphics of games, cinema and TV, how DID people scare others with spooky tales? Of course, we’ve always had the traditional “telling of ghost stories in the dark around the fire (or on sleepovers)”. And of course, books. The art of scaring people with only words on paper has always fascinated me. How do people do it? It’s a world where jump-scares and vivid imagery fail. I mean really, no matter how well you describe something horrifying-looking, it’s going to be far less scary than actually seeing it in reality. And so I picked up this book in order to find out more about the classic written ghost story.
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Book Review! The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley

I first learned of this book’s existence at last year’s Singapore Writer’s Festival where I attended a panel about writing the supernatural (The Allure of the Otherworldly) in which Mr. Hurley himself was present to talk about this novel and his relationship with horror. One of the audience members commented that she had screamed while reading the book on a plane flight surrounded by other passengers. As someone with an unhealthy interest in writing horror, that’s when I knew I just had to get my hands on this novel and give it a read. So with the conclusion of my finals last semester, I rushed to the nearest library and managed to grab a copy. And my god, it was incredible.
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Symbal Magazine X All In! Young Writer’s Festival 2017 Articles

17218544_1377246412338761_3796582535932924008_oMy team over at Symbal Magazine had the opportunity to drop by Singapore’s annual All In! Young Writer’s Festival this year and cover some of their awesome events! Would really appreciate it if you could check them out!

To All Aspiring Freelance Writers: Just Wing It…? by Ong Hui Wen
Snackable Fiction (Pulp Toast)
by Paean Yeo and Jyotika Puri
Th3 FUtuR3 sTaRT5 h3R3!
by Paean Yeo and Jyotika Puri
Humour in Plays: Actors, satires and a whole lot of merriment
by Ong Hui Wen and Jyotika Puri
All In! Young Short Filmmakers Exhibition
by Lee Russell
Write On: Parallel Ink
by Paean Yeo
Asia and the Asian Film
by Lee Chong Ming
Writing in the Clouds, Cloud-Based Writing Platforms for Young Writers
by Ng Jun Sheng and Mira R

Five Doors

There are five doors. The first requires you to read 10,000 books. The second requires you to write 10,000 stories. The third opens once you’ve met 10,000 people. The fourth opens after you’ve seen 10,000 things. And the fifth… no one really knows how the fifth one opens.