Left right, left right
Follow the marching band!
Keep your postures tuned
To the music of the night

Up the stairs, on the stage
Claim your gleaming prize!
From As to Bs & Cs to Es
Build our mountain high

But careful not to trip and fall
Lest you hit your head and bleed
The bloatedness of our teachings
And the acrid mindlessness of mind


A Traveller’s Guide on Becoming an Adventurer


Ah, wanderlust. The call of the wind. The thirst for adventure. That wild rush of the blood that compels you to hop on Scoot in search of the latest and greatest plane ticket deals – any opportunity to get you somewhere other than HERE. Somewhere you’ve never been.

Fortunately, I had the privilege of being born to a travel-loving family. Unfortunately, I spent much of my childhood and adolescence being rather unappreciative of my family’s love for the outside world. Before the trips were half-over, I would already be angsty and restless, itching to get home. But now that I’ve gotten over that phase and finally tasted the true wonders of travel, I’d like to share some key lessons that travelling has taught me on how to get the most out of your travelling experiences.
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A Haiku & A Senryu

Fluttering blossoms
Upon waves of radiant youth
Falling to their deaths

I giggle at the
Sight of the belly ahead
Oh it’s a mirror

*Traditionally, haikus in Japanese are meant to depict ideas / images / feelings related to the seasons, with each haiku containing 1 (and ONLY 1) 季語 (kigo, literally meaning season-word). In the haiku above, I used ‘blossoms’ as my season-word to represent spring.

*In contrast to the high-brow nature of haikus, senryus were created by the commonfolk. While they follow the same 5-7-5 rhythm, they focus not on the seasons but everyday humour. Simple and casual, they are meant to be sharable and enjoyable by all. 

Chicken Soup


There’s something about the taste of simple food
A pinch of salt over grilled meat
A sip of chicken soup
That whispers ‘home’, and ‘longing’, and ‘forgiveness’,
And ‘I’ll never leave you’s
The sense of eternities spent apart
On a cloud-bed mattress
When all you could ever hope for
Was just across the little creek
Trailing down the grassy knoll
Through the evergreen forest
Through the windswept town
To the door where she waits
Smiling, with a bowl of chicken soup

“I’m home.”

The Unchosen

Depending on how your life has fared, you may have heard of this person. They are one unchosen by fate and luck, one who has lost everything yet bears only pain, no resentment. They willingly carry the suffering meant for thousands and fight to prevent any of it from falling, so no one else will have to taste what they have experienced. They are nameless on the surface, always struggling with their pain when nobody’s looking, secretly pulling the strings that lift everyone’s smiles – they won’t stop, because failure is not an option. They are constantly afraid, afraid of watching tears fall from someone else’s face – because they know the image will remind them of the moment everything changed, but what they don’t know is if they could survive it. So pray for the Unchosen.