Maybe I’m writing so desperately because it’s in those words, in those stories I want to be. Not here. Maybe if I write enough, once all is said and done, someone will hand me a ticket on the other side. To ride the train that runs on rails of dreams.


7 Tips for the Over-Productive Person

So this summer break has been quite the roller coaster ride for me, to say the least. Went through a lot of tough times, challenges, but enjoyed many ecstatic, triumphant moments as well. So moving forward into this new semester, just thought I’d share some tips. Namely,

7 Tips for the Over-Productive Person:
1. Know the difference between being strict with yourself and being unfair to yourself. One is a catalyst for evolution, the other is a pitfall.
2. Know the difference between working smart and working hard. Not only does one waste more time/effort, it teaches you less as well.
3. Rest time is not a waste of time. Resting is not doing nothing. Sleep heals the body, but not the soul or mind.
4. Have clear goals. Swinging in the dark will get you nowhere, not to mention the possibility of accidentally hitting other people.
5. Appreciate the world as it is, do not live in/commit solely to your destination. Accept failure with grace. Smile and move on.
6. Do not aim for an idealised state of ‘perfection’. Just be yourself, find things that only you can do and work from there.
7. No matter how hard it gets, enjoy the ride. Pull your hands free from the mud, raise your sweat-soaked head to the sun and laugh because you’re trailblazing your own path through this chaotic world – and that’s worth something.

My 2nd Publication!

Super excited to present my 2nd publication ever: The World Inside Our Pages! Unlike my first, this one diverges from my usual fantasy-spectacle style and grounds itself in a very real story, one that I hope will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever harboured doubts about local education. I’d like to thank Unseen Magazine for this amazing opportunity (dreams coming true right here!) as well as my kids from Symbal Magazine who were always there when I needed advice. Hope you give it a read and, if you do, hope you enjoy it!

The World Inside Our Pages

My first publication: The Clockwork Demon

On Laziness & Stuff

I’m lazy. I know a ton of people who are lazy. And if you happen to be reading this article instead of working on an assignment/something else instead, you’re probably lazy too. This afternoon, just 10 minutes after I finally managed to convince myself to sink into the first chapter of my midterm revision for South Asian studies, I leaned back, slammed my head onto the headrest and asked myself: “What is life?” Dang. I don’t know about you, but I think we humans are a pretty lazy bunch.
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