Who am I?

“Lee Russell, not to be confused with local True Singapore Ghost Stories writer Russell Lee, is an aspiring novelist with a penchant for fantasy fiction. Easily entertained, his hobbies include doing basically anything.” -Writer’s Bio

A simple psychology student by day,
An avid writer by night,
And a big fan of Japanese superheroes by fate,
yeah that pretty much sums up who I am. Currently in the midst of my undergraduate Psychology course in the National University of Singapore, I wage battle against the savage mundanity of everyday life with my two greatest weapons: my pen (although keyboard would be a more factually precise word) and my soul (that burns crimson red, like my fist). Other than writing, I also enjoy a multitude of sports and drawing. I am also a member of the NUS Literary Society and am currently the Head of their online creative writing magazine: Symbal so do check it out @ nussymbal.wordpress.com!

If that wasn’t enough information about me here’s a list of 5 dreams I have that will probably never be realised:

1. Have full access to a Subway store for 24 hours so I can gorge myself on all that SWEET SWEET HAM (and not get incorrigibly fat afterwards)
2. Become a knight (like, with all the armour and stuff, but if the Queen wants to knight me I’m fine with that too)
3. Become a pirate (I know this kind of contradicts Point 2 but who cares, a pirate is free)
4. Face off against my greatest rival (applications still open) in a trading card game in a huge stadium surrounded by a roaring crowd, and the characters we use in the game come to life in the form of 3D holographic images and KA-BAM
5. Turn immortal (but not unkillable) and go on a journey to other worlds (cough epic destiny cough plot twists cough)

Why is this site so complicated?

You need to chill for a second. Here, let me explain it to you.

Russ Rambles!

I will literally talk about anything here, from quasi-diary entries to random self-concocted inspirational (supposedly) quotes to philosophical musings about the human condition etc.



Russ Rants!

This is the dangerous page. This is the page where I will go absolutely crazy over everything I have to go absolutely crazy about, which mainly involves Tokusatsu (特撮, Japanese live-action superhero dramas , yes I love men in spandex suits) and trading card games (primarily Yu-Gi-Oh!). You have been warned.

Russ Writes!

And this is the corner for the more literary stuff. Here you will find original stories, poetry, sometimes fanfiction, and also access to a bunch of stuff I have written in the past.

Anything else I should know about?

Nah, just hope you have a good time reading my blog! Have fun! Please also make use of the tags in each post to help you navigate around! And do feel free to leave feedback on any of my pieces!