lazy Sunday, post-semester
stuck in limbo between exams
overslept till I felt under
Deliveroo or Foodpanda?

dabao’d white rice, roasted dishes
connived onset of food coma
beckoned to bed, sneaky snail crawl
Youtube binge or SingPoWriMo?

fifteen minutes, then three hours
tried to poem out a poem
unclosed tabs on half-open books
dinner time or clock illusion?

West Mall, brand new Malaysia Chiak!
shared rice, kway teow, curry noodles
blinding red blur of passing cars
more Youtube binge or brief workout?

indigestion, hesitation
beckoned by that red play button
within a glimpse, the lights go off
day well spent or one day wasted?

*This poem was written for Day 23 (final) of SingPoWriMo (Singapore Poetry Writing Month) for the slice of life prompt: write a poem about any day in your life


This is a dewdrop world

and yet, we mask dew
in shadows of skyscrapers
and ask, what blinds us?

*This poem was written for Day 22 of SingPoWriMo (Singapore Poetry Writing Month) for the world of dew prompt: write a poem that continues Issa’s haiku:

“The world of dew
is the world of dew.
And yet, and yet-“

La Sobremesa

Aromas of spice and wine mingle,
Bubbling beneath the blue full moon, a
Chemical reaction, or esoteric ritual 
Devoted to the devoted reflected in
Empty plates, in each other, whether
Friends or a lover, unconditionally
Gregarious by the spell of twilight.
Hang on the symphony of soul-speak
Instinctively uttered like a
Joke lost between rivulets of time, between
Kite tails that float us adrift in
Lagoons of helium and stardust
Mixed in our after-party desserts,
Never fading off the tips of our
Opulent tongues. Over our heads
Prance pixies with halos led by the
Queen of fever dreams,
Running against the minute hand to
Sepia-tone the group selfies we
Temporarily inhabit, to
Unhinge moon from sky, to
Venerate and perpetuate this
Wall-less witching hour of
Xenia overflowing from
Yonder realm to permeate this
Zone between space and time. 

*This poem was written for Day 21 of SingPoWriMo (Singapore Poetry Writing Month) for the saudade prompt: write a poem about a word with no direct English translation

the glass me

beyond the mirror, the sound of rain
drowned in the echoed thud of tears
polish the glacier glass wet against
my fingers wrinkled dry by cuts

reflected in monochrome is an empty
bird cage left outside with a latched
door from which the crying pours
to carve my skin with the urge
to open it

so I gnash my teeth on mirror and
swallow the shards and kill my
stomach with stained glass
until I mirror the mirror
with transparent blood
and a heart clutched
within glass nails

but still I cannot open the latched door
to enter the dream beyond the glass

*This poem was written for Day 20 of SingPoWriMo (Singapore Poetry Writing Month) for the mirror prompt: write a self-portrait

within the wind

they say
if you head Southeast
off the coast of the New World
you will find
the stainless steel skeleton
of a boat
cradled among the waves
the crown of an erased glory

they say
it was once propped above a bay
a fist of defiance aimed at the gods
a lift for humanity
to swim among the angels
on the backs of lionfish
now it is merely a page
next to Atlantis
next to the Tower of Babel

they say
if you visit on August 9
you will hear
the whispers of lost sirens
within the breeze
“this is home, truly
where I know
I must


*This poem was written for Day 19 of SingPoWriMo (Singapore Poetry Writing Month) for the pride prompt: WRITE A POEM SET IN SINGAPORE (OR WHAT’S BECOME OF IT) IN THE YEAR 2219.