Appmon Chip Booster 6.0: Advent! God Appmon!

61At last, the story of Appli Monsters reaches its climax with Appmon Chip Booster 6.0: Advent! God Appmon! I believe this will be the final set of the Appmon Chip Booster series and it is set to release on the 29th of July!
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Alolan Encounters: Between the Sun & Moon


I’m a firm believer in the idea that the amount of satisfaction or pleasure you derive from something in your life is largely dependent on your attitude towards it. In this regard, video games are an especially powerful medium with the potential to deliver highly intense experiences. With the right mindset, playing a video game is no different from hopping into an inter-dimensional crosspod or some shit and zooming off to different dimensions. So here’s a project I’ve been working on for half a year which tries to sort of materialize/literify this idea. Go ahead and give it a read if you like – it’s your chance to experience what it’s like to play Pokemon as a crazy guy with way too much time and imagination on his hands.