Clash with Divine Beast Vah Ruta

(a little Zelda fanfiction)

The wind shrieked, as if taking offense at the speed at which we sliced through the waves of East Reservoir Lake. Both rain and swash splattered against my face and clothes – a new slap every second. I rode on the back of Prince Sidon, the red-scaled heir to the throne of the Zora – a tribe of fishpeople that dwelled near the Eastern corner of Hyrule. How was he even going so fast? The water shattered with his every stroke, spraying out in the shape of an arrowhead spearing towards our target – the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, an ancient mechanical abomination crafted in the likeness of an elephant. It roared as we approached, endless water gushing out of the tip of its trunk which hung higher than the surrounding mountains. If we didn’t stop it soon, the reservoir would overflow – promising grave damage to both Zora’s domain as well as lower Hyrule.

Speeding through the crashing rain, Sidon veered to the left, narrowly evading a large boulder that impeded our way. My skull rattled from the g-force. I changed my mind; I didn’t wish I could swim that fast anymore.

“Link!” Sidon’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts. “Be cautious! The Divine Beast is about to attack!”

My eyes flashed to the Divine Beast. Out of nowhere, blocks of ice materialised in hollows along its torso. Groaning, they slipped out of their cages and flew towards us. I drew my blade and deflected them with clean strokes. But there were too many! One escaped my notice and smashed me in the back – I tumbled into the rain; my vision cycling through dark blue and dark grey. But it was not the ice-cold wetness that received me.

“Link! Are you alright?”

I hauled myself to my feet. No, I wasn’t done yet. The waves surged past as we circled outward along the edge of the reservoir. Sidon was gaining some distance from the beast. Vah Ruta prepared a new batch of ice blocks and unleashed them. It was then I noticed the ancient mark scrawled on each of the ice blocks – the mark of the Sheikah tribe. The same mark engraved onto the Sheikah Slate that I possessed. I pulled the device from my waist and activated the Cryosis rune – it was a program that allowed me to create blocks of ice on top of water surfaces, as well as shatter them. I focused my attention on one of the flying blocks… yes! With a clench of my fist, it shattered into pieces.

“Link!” Sidon’s voice regained some of its former confidence. “I have no idea how you achieved that but great job, my friend!”

He increased his speed, bringing us closer to the Divine Beast. Where was the next ice block? There. There. There. There. Despite the massive amount of ice blocks scheming to crush us, they were slow enough for me to just barely track and shatter individually. But Vah Ruta was not so easily thwarted. Instead of creating another batch of ice blocks, he launched a single spiked boulder. It splashed into the lake, spinning after us like a ravenous shark. I activated Cryosis again – but no! Right when I clenched my fist, the boulder suddenly swerved to the left, evading destruction.

My neck tensed up and I gripped my right wrist with my left fingers. Left. Right. Left. Right. The boulder was too fast; it zigzagged through the waves. I lost the touch of the rain on my face. I lost the sound of it blasting beside my ears. The boulder enlarged to consume almost all of my vision. I tried to predict its path and aimed ahead but it betrayed my expectations. It was closer now, almost on Sidon’s heels – a bit more and the Zoran Prince might be gored beyond recognition. No! It was just a split second – the world froze and my gaze latched onto the boulder with a magnet’s tenacity. It was just about to bring one of its spikes down onto Sidon’s knees. An anchor shackled the muscles of my right hand – it refused to move. Just. One. Push! Crash! Sidon and I cruised away – there was no ice to stop us now. The legs of the Divine Beast loomed before us, along with the waterfalls crashing down from its back.

Sidon swung near one of the waterfalls. “Link!”

I jumped and, as I entered the crashing water, I felt a weightlessness fill the Zora armour that protected me. It pushed back against the vertical waves that sought to submerge me. I swung my arms and kicked – whoosh! Like an arrow straight and true, I cleaved the waterfall from foot to head. As I reached the apex, the water spat me out – launching me into the air. Instinct drew my paraglider. I hovered a good distance above the Divine Beast – the purple orb that was the creature’s power unit lay right below. Keeping one hand on the paraglider, I reached for my quiver with the other. Good. The shock arrows were there. Taking a deep breath (it lasted an eternity), I let go of the paraglider.

Gravity struck me like lightning. My left hand drew my bow. My right slotted in a shock arrow. I was right above the Divine Beast now. A few more seconds and I would drop past the power unit. No – a few more instants! It would all be over if I unleashed the arrow in front of the power unit. I had to shoot it from above. I had to shoot it now!

I released.


I plunged into the lake. Dark. Cold. But when my head breached the surface, what greeted me was a ray of yellow shining through the breaking clouds. The rain was over.

The beast had been quelled.


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