An Issue with Victim Blaming

I don’t fully understand why some people have a tendency to victim blame. Who, or what, are they trying to protect? To me, victim blaming has a very real political consequence. If you blame the victim, you insinuate that the victim performed some form of abnormal, harm-attracting behaviour and anyone who performs such behaviour is liable to be harmed by an ordinary human being turned criminal. That is to say, every human being is a monster on the inside, just waiting to be triggered by the ‘abnormal behaviour’ of an innocent. We are all capable of being murderers, rapists etc.

This is in contrast to blaming the criminal. By doing so, you point out that the abnormal behaviour lies in the hands of the criminal and that harming others is not a natural human thing to do. Whether humans are truly monsters or benevolent inside is a philosophical argument for another day, but what I’m trying to point out is: a victim blamer paints all of humanity, including himself, as a plausible criminal. The idea of the villain becomes represented in the hubbub of everyday life. And though they may not be fully conscious of this idea, repeated outright victim blaming no doubt has the potential to embed this dangerous idea within the skeletal workings of society. And I fear a future built upon such ideas as its foundation. Be careful what you say or do, especially in a public space. One rule of communication is: everything has its consequences.


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