Appmon Chip Booster 4.0: He Who Slashes Through Everything!

40Here we have the catalog of Appmon Chips that will be available in the upcoming Booster 4.0 set for early April: He Who Slashes Through Everything!

Common (★★) … 15


Gatchmon + Dokamon
Yadomon: Hotel app
Savemon: Save app
Ecomon: Power-saving app
Trickmon: Trick app (maybe special video effects? or magic trick video site)
Moneymon: E-Money app
Kakeimon: Family finances management app
Lightmon: Torchlight app
Puzzlemon: Puzzle game app
Racemon: Racing game app
Offmon: Offline game app
DoGatchmon + Shotmon
Vegasmon: Gambling app
Roamon: Voice Change app
Craftmon: Design app

Rare (★★★★) … 4img_chip_42

Mediamon + Dosukomon
Logimon: Log-In app
Logamon: Logout app
Cometmon: Astronomical Navigation app

Super Rare (★★★★★★) … 3img_chip_43

Satellamon: GPS app
Warudamon: Strategy app
Shutmon: Forced Shutdown app

Premium Rare (★★★★★★★★) … 2img_chip_44

Bootmon: Super Boot app

All images used in this article are taken from Bandai’s official Appmon website



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