Appmon Chip Booster 3.0: Transcending Apps, the Apex of Evolution!

img_apmchipAnd right here we have the catalog of Appmon Chips that will be available in the upcoming Booster 3.0 set for 18th February: Transcending Apps, the Apex of Evolution!

Common (★★) … 13

Gengomon: Translation app
Setmon: Setting app (for calibration of aim of weapons/tools)
Batterymon: Battery app
Batterymon (Virus)
Kabemon: Wallpaper app
Aidmon: Rescue app (direct call to the hospital perhaps?)
Auctionmon: Auction app
Kaimon: Shopping app, kai is Japanese for buy
Calcumon: Calculator app
Mirrormon: Mirror app
Sociamon: SNS app (think Facebook)
Sociamon (Virus)
Uratechmon: Walkthrough app

Rare (★★★★) … 4img_chip_02-1

Weatherdramon: Weather app
Effecmon: Special effects app
Dreamon: Dream app
Medicmon: Medical app

Super Rare (★★★★★★) … 4img_chip_03-1

Globemon: Global app (all of the Earth’s transmissions)
Revivemon: System restore app
Oujamon: Battling game app, ouja is Japanese for champion
Entermon: Entertainment app

Premium Rare (★★★★★★★★) … 1img_chip_04-1


7code (Seven Code) … 27code3

Medicmon (Code 6)
Weatherdramon (Code 7)


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