Appmon Chip Booster 2.0: The Miraculous Evolution, App Gattai!

img_apmchip-1(Should have covered this a while ago but) here we have the translations for the Appmon Chips available in the second Appmon Chip Booster: The Miraculous Evolution, App Gattai!

Common (★★) … 13img_chip_01-1

Tsubumon: Twitter-like app
Compassmon: Compass app
Newsmon: News app
Protecmon: Firewall app
Copipemon: Copy/Paste app
Drawmon: Drawing app
Tellermon: Fortune telling app
Cookmon: Cooking recipes app
Sleepmon: Sleeping app
Supplemon: Supplement app
Recomon: Recording app
Gomimon: Recycle Bin app, gomi is Japanese for rubbish/thrash
Calendarmon: Calendar app
*Sleepmon and Supplemon, (along with Viramon from Booster 1) as Life Type (Pink) Appmon, seem to be Apps that are digital manifestations of real-life phenomena/processes..?

Rare (★★★★) … 4img_chip_02-2

Dezipmon: Zip/Unzip, WinRAR-like app
Mienumon: Stealth app, mienu is Japanese for unseeable
Timemon: Time app
Coachmon: Training game app..?

Super Rare (★★★★★★) … 3img_chip_03-2

Raidramon: Super Hacking app
Mediamon: Media Player app
Sakushimon: Strategy game app

Premium Rare (★★★★★★★★) … 2img_chip_04-2


7code (Seven Code) … 2img_chip_05-2

Tellermon (Code 4)
Copipemon (Code 5)

All images used in this article belong to Bandai and were retrieved from the official Appmon website:



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