The second entry in my series of Japanese/Chinese song translations-turned-poetry. I just recovered from a writing slump of sorts so I wanted to write something more self-indulgent. Something that could capture my swelling drive and blow away all the imaginary boundaries my mind could concoct:

Tangled stuck in the web of time
once I breakthrough it’s the other side.
Lost only with these feelings of mine
and the pulse of the wind blasting through the night.

But right now I know it’s nowhere enough.
The scenery is a black-white-blur LET’S
STAIN IT SOUL-RED breathing the limits
I want to reach it faster than anyone else.

Wheels burst into flames metal frame
screeching peeling hailing flaming
ash WARNING WARNING no stopping
senses streaming separate to stardust.

CRAZY, we have to KEEP ON GOING ride
the SHOOTING STAR the storm the leap the light
TOMORROW where unseen dreams yet reside
in gold the SHACKLES that bind me subside
leaving SILENCE in winds that whip me tight
and the world is but glass in my CLEAR MIND


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