Even if you’re broken tomorrow (I’ll be there for you)

First attempt of a mini-project where I translate Japanese/Chinese songs and write them into poetry, while remaining loyal to the original rhythm:

You called my name
it was your voice inside my head
in the dark depths of the ocean
of my own despair

The sight of you
in your gown of silver white
was the light that reached me
down at the deepest point

Lost in a limbo
not knowing black from white
Stuck in the silence
Is this love too old for the times?

The two of us just living the days
waiting for the knock of the dawn
upon the gate of the night

Even if I were to find you
broken tomorrow
the last thing I’d do
is run away and hide

Evern if I were to find you
shattered through
I’ll heal what’s left
and stay by your side

‘A’ is a man in his late twenties, diagnosed with early onset of severe dementia. In effect, he loses memories, knowledge and skills everyday, and could potentially wake up as a vegetable any morning. In the midst of his depression, woman ‘B’ with the same disease is transferred to his ward.


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