“All boys leave home someday.”

“All boys leave home someday.” The first time I read those words was 18 years ago on 1999, when I plugged Pokemon Yellow into my Gameboy Colour and flicked the power switch on. And, like all boys, I started dreaming of that ‘someday’. It’s a shame that now I think that that ‘someday’ will be the day that I die.

I don’t remember asking to be born into a world where human beings are raised as livestock, force-fed the all-in-one formula known as ‘education’, then forced to run as the cogs of some pretentious, ungraspable concept known as ‘society’. You know, it would be fine if ‘society’ only required a specific number of people to function. I would gladly sacrifice my humanity if that meant somebody else would be free to roam the world. But it’s not like that. ‘Society’ is an immortal carnivorous plant, constantly consuming, constantly harbouring and indulging in the desire to grow. We are chained the moment we leave our mothers’ stomachs, and the skies are fixed as our cages. Transparent and blue as they are, we see nothing. We know nothing. We suspect nothing.

When did holidays become a ritual of forgetting about the chains at our feet? Try as we might, we can never truly ignore them, for we know all too well that they will eventually drag us back to where we have to be. No, not ‘have’. Where they want us to be. But who are they? The gods? Corporate overlords? Secret masters of ‘society’?

Or maybe… it’s people. People like you and me. I wonder: at the beginning, were we given the keys when we were chained at our feet? Honestly, I don’t remember. I don’t think anyone does. But I have a feeling… that if any one of us just reached deep enough into our pockets, we would find our keys, buried beneath all that rubbish accumulated over the years called ‘life’.

…But we can’t.


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