My Top 5 take-aways from Singapore’s Writer Festival 2016 (First Weekend)

Top 5 take aways from Singapore’s Writer Festival (First Weekend):

1. “Write what you want to write.”
2. “Adversity is what makes people strong. People don’t learn from similarity, they learn from difference.”
3. “You have to leave to find home.”
4. “I’m not a strong person. That’s why I sing, because songs are for the weak.”
5. “Vividness is carved in the bone, not memory.”

Bonus take away:
“That’s how we know that when Ragnarok (the end of the world) comes, men who pay for women will be the first to die.”

My personal take away:
The whole idea of a ‘curriculum’ in modern education seems to be misguided. Education needs to be more human. It should be about discussion, not inculcation, or worse, inoculation. The Earth is round, so why are we so bent on building a tower? One day we won’t be enough to keep it standing. We should be working to expand our world instead.

(Just some thoughts about the wonderful event thus far. Will be followed up with an in-depth review of the festival and the panels I attended once I’m done with life)


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