If I Must be Dust

If I must be dust
let me be stardust
like that which falls
from brow of maidens
of broken dreams, broken hearts,
men of war
of broken brothers.

Like shimmering specters
saline and salient
subject to
an insubstantial glimpse,
a single moment,
the Eureka spark
saying yes,
I am me.
I choose not apathy,
I cannot choose otherwise
for that choice, has
long since
rejected me.


Team Rocket Special Case

team-rocket-special-case-promosThese two Promo cards are too pretty

Available now on the Japanese Pokemon Center Online store is an exquisite Team Rocket briefcase released as part of the celebration of the Pokemon Card Game’s 20th Anniversary. And I must say, the two promotional cards that come with the case are incredibly beautiful.

At 12,960 yen, the entire set contains:

The attaché case
1 ‘Here Comes Team Rocket!’ Promotional Card
1 ‘Giovanni’s Scheme’ Promotional Card
1 Team Rocket Deck Case
1 Pack of Team Rocket Sleeves (64pcs)
1 Pokemon TCG Coin

You can find out more about the item at the Japanese Pokemon Center Online Store website: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/?p_cd=4521329191164

Also, watch me pull a Hyper Rare Solgaleo GX on my Youtube channel right here!

My Top 5 take-aways from Singapore’s Writer Festival 2016 (First Weekend)

Top 5 take aways from Singapore’s Writer Festival (First Weekend):

1. “Write what you want to write.”
2. “Adversity is what makes people strong. People don’t learn from similarity, they learn from difference.”
3. “You have to leave to find home.”
4. “I’m not a strong person. That’s why I sing, because songs are for the weak.”
5. “Vividness is carved in the bone, not memory.”

Bonus take away:
“That’s how we know that when Ragnarok (the end of the world) comes, men who pay for women will be the first to die.”

My personal take away:
The whole idea of a ‘curriculum’ in modern education seems to be misguided. Education needs to be more human. It should be about discussion, not inculcation, or worse, inoculation. The Earth is round, so why are we so bent on building a tower? One day we won’t be enough to keep it standing. We should be working to expand our world instead.

(Just some thoughts about the wonderful event thus far. Will be followed up with an in-depth review of the festival and the panels I attended once I’m done with life)

The Clockwork Demon

Garrick Mayflower was the only man sliding down the alley that summer’s evening; his shadow the only moving thing. He had a bit of Western blood in him, so his skin was a juicy orange-brown the colour of tanned hide that never failed to prompt a raised eye from his full-Orient neighbours. The sun stared, half-dead, with a bloodshot eye that flooded the cream beige walls of the city with vermillion highlights spilling into the slanting brick roads between them.
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