Of Miracles

I don’t think people believe in miracles enough. Up till now, I’ve heard my fair share of ‘no way’s, ‘don’t dream’s and ‘impossible’s. But miracles happen all the time.
Don’t you think it’s amazing that out of all the 7 billion people in the world, two people can find each other and fall in love, just like that? Honestly I can’t wrap my head around it. What about when you hop onto Carousell and see that those shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while are suddenly on offer? Or when you get back a test paper and see that you did way better than expected? How about when the bus arrives just as you reach the bus stop? The wind that sometimes greets you as you step out of the house, the taste of hawker fare that mixes in your mouth. Even the fact that we’re all living in this moment, right here and now. Aren’t these all miracles in their own right?

But people don’t care anymore. I don’t know when but they just… stopped. And miracles go unseen, unnoticed, grabbed and tossed like litter rolling in the dust. Miracles are like stars, you see. They’re not meant to be grand, tremendous things. They’re small, precious and everywhere, from your pocket to the smiles of your friends. I don’t think people pay as much attention to them as they used to. People nowadays are always focused on the dark void between the stars: the miracles that didn’t happen. And… it’s a little sad, don’t you think? Take a moment. Reach into your pocket and grab all the little stars that have gathered there. Juggle them around a little. When was the last time you actually took a good look at them? Look at how many of them there are. Smile. And hey, if there’s a big hole in the sky bothering you, then patch it up. Paint it over with your favourite colours. Take your time. There’s no rush. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a star there once you’re finished.

I believe in miracles. And it’s that feeling that makes me never want to give up.


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