Appmon Chip Booster 1.0: Awaken! Appli Lifeforms!

img_apmchipSo recently I’ve gotten really into the latest installment of the Digimon franchise: Digimon Universe Appli Monsters. It introduces a sort of spin-off species derived from the original Digimon: Appmon, which are based on the applications we use on our smartphones in everyday life.

Though only two episodes have been broadcast so far, I’ve been finding the series really fresh and am looking forward to how the story unfolds (and maybe buy some merchandise as well hehe). Here are translations of the first batch of Appmon available in the first Appmon Chip Booster: Awaken! Appli Lifeforms! (Appli is the Japanese term for application)

But before we get into it, here’s a breakdown of the 7 Types of Appmon which are denoted by the colours of their chips:

Social Type (Blue): Includes apps related to social communication/online presence
Entertainment Type (Red): Includes apps related to entertainment such as videos etc.
Navi Type 
(Green): Includes apps for environmental navigation such as GPS/weather
Game Type (Gold): Includes game apps
Tool Type (Purple): Includes functional apps like camera/alarms etc.
System Type (Yellow): Includes apps that directly affect internal device systems
Life Type (Pink): Unclear, perhaps apps that can affect reality/other lifeforms?

Common (★★) … 15

Callmon: Calls app
Mailmon: E-mail app
Reviewmon: Review community app
Messemon: Messaging/texting app
Weathermon: Weather app
Perorimon: Perori refers to the action of sticking out one’s tongue, perhaps a food information app
Dougamon: Douga means videos. Video app
Dressmon: Perhaps a fashion entertainment app
Viramon: The only Life Appmon so far… Virus app?
Watchmon: Watch app
Shotmon: Shooting game app
Roleplaymon: RPG game app
Sukashimon: Sukashi refers to watermarks, so maybe some sort of digital signature/logo app

Rare (★★★★) … 6img_chip_02

Gacchmon: Gacch may be short for Gacchiri which means shrewed/calculating. The search app.
Maps app
Hacking app
Music entertainment app
Camera app
Action game app

Super Rare (★★★★★★) … 3img_chip_03

Dogacchmon: App fusion of Gacchmon and Navimon.  ‘Do’ might be short for Toge which means thorns/spikes as evident on his design
App fusion of Cameramon and Shotmon
 App fusion of Dokamon and Perorimon. Dosuko is short for Dosukoi! which is an exclamation used in sumo

Premium Rare (★★★★★★★★) … 2img_chip_04

7code (Seven Code) … 2img_chip_05

All images used in this article belong to Bandai and were retrieved from the official Appmon website:


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