Pokemon TCG CP6: Base Set 20th Ann.! And my Top 5!

Let’s take a step back… to 20 years ago.

20 years ago, on October 20th, the Pokemon Trading Card Game began. And today is an epic day in commemoration of that upcoming anniversary, marking the release of Concept Pack 6: Base Set 20th Anniversary Edition. This is no doubt one of the greatest days for Trading Card Games in 2016.

Chock-full of legendary reprints such as Base Set Charizard and chubby Pikachu, this set is a TREAT. I have many fond memories of collecting these guys from the card dispensing machine outside the comic shop at Ghim Moh market near my home. A little sad that they omitted the Squirtle and Bulbasaur lines (ahh I loved the art for both Bulbasaur and Squirtle) but I can’t wait to crack my two boxes open when they arrive! (maybe on Youtube)

And what better way to celebrate than to talk about my most anticipated cards from this set? So here are my Top 5 non-Rare cards from CP6! You heard right! Non-Rare cards! Including the rarer ones wouldn’t be as much fun, considering how obvious some of the choices are (looking at you Base Set Charizard). Do note that my choices will be framed by a TON of nostalgia and pretty much ignore the competitive viability of the cards in the actual game. Here we go!




Charmander isn’t my favourite starter from Generation 1, and Charizard isn’t my favourite final stage from them either. In fact, I’m largely ambivalent towards the 3 original starters. Charmander makes the list because of the lovely original card art. Bulbasaur and Squirtle had amazing artwork as well but unfortunately they weren’t included in this set… If I had to rank though, it would be Squirtle best, followed by Bulbasaur then Charmander based on how much I liked the card art.

Of course, that’s not all there is. When I was a child I spent many hours on the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy Colour. That resulted in me fighting many furious battles with the 3 starters at my side (I chose a different deck each time I restarted the game). So I do have a lot of feels for the 3 starters and their Base Set artworks. Just looking at them is enough to make me go ‘Yippee!’ inside. I guess you could sort of consider this an ‘all 3 starters in 1’ sort of entry? Though that’s sort of cheating haha.



Now Tangela has a story. I mentioned earlier that I used to collect Pokemon cards from a card dispensing machine near my home. It was essentially a vending machine with a bunch of Pokemon cards stacked together, and each time you inserted coins, the outermost card would drop out. That machine was where I got my first ever Pokemon card: Bulbasaur. It was also where I got my second ever Pokemon card: Tangela. Thinking back, Tangela pops out a lot more in my mind compared to Bulbasaur, maybe because of the cool art that sort of deviates from the style of the other Base Set cards? Also, Tangela was never a very well-known or popular Pokemon so I guess it had this unique air that attracted me as a child. Also, continuing the story:

So after finding out about the card vending machine, I would ask my Dad for some money so I could grab a new card each time we dropped by (about once a week?). I can’t really remember what cards I got after Tangela (I think there was a Rattata) but after going through about 5 cards, the same 5 cards kept repeating in the same order and kid me was devastated T.T  I mean, back then it was about collecting them all! Well, actually now it still is for me but anyways!



Farfetch’d didn’t have incredible card art. But you know what it had? Moves! Namely, Leek Slap and Pot Smash! Enough said. But if that wasn’t enough to convince you, each time Farfetch’d used Pot Smash in the Gameboy Colour game, a pot would literally fly out and smash the opponent in the face! Isn’t that amazing!? Pot nostalgia for the win! I can’t wait to pull a copy from CP6!



I never really used Magikarp in real life or the Gameboy Colour game. The whole Gyarados thing never really appealed to me as a kid (and not that much now either), so you can probably say that I don’t have much nostalgia towards Magikarp as a Pokemon. However, I think that the artwork for Base Set Magikarp is absolutely stunning. It just… has so much realism captured in the image and really presents Magikarp as not just some cartoon character but a species, a living creature as part of a fantasy universe. I never really got into the competitive scene for both the video games and the card game. My love for Pokemon revolves heavily around the lore, so stuff like this really kicks me in the feels, and reminds me of the innocent, pure idea behind Pokemon. It makes me think back to when I was a kid and dreamed of one day going on a journey into the world of Pokemon.



STARYU. My god, the feels are real. First, THAT ART. It takes everything I love about the Magikarp artwork and amplifies it so much! Also, when you start the Gameboy Colour game, Staryu is one of the Pokemon you have to use in the first tutorial battle. You eventually evolve it into Starmie and use it to clinch your first victory! Ahhh the feels! I’m not sure what else to say about Base Set Staryu, I just love this card so much. I think it’s awesome that they included both Starmie and Starmie BREAK in CP6 as well, really hope I manage to pull the full line!

So those are my top 5 non-rare cards from CP6. I realise that I have less to say  as I go up the rankings, maybe because it’s harder to express what I like about things that I especially love? My mind just degenerates into a whirlpool of joy, chills and feels. In any case, keep a look out near the end of this month. My boxes will arrive around then and I’ll definitely make a post/video about my pulls!

All promotional material and card images used in this article belong to The Pokemon Company.


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