The Weight of a Writer

One thousand. Those are the number of words I tried to write every single day for the month of August. Of course, I didn’t succeed everyday. But each time I failed, I made up for it, pushing my subsequent daily quotas to 1,500, sometimes 2000. It was a struggle, yes, but on the 28th of August 2016, I typed ‘THE END’ at the bottom of my 30,000 word manuscript and took a deep breath. 

Questions. It was for a submission deadlined 15th September. I found out about it in late March earlier this year. I had intended on spending my summer break (May – August) completing it at a leisurely pace, but you know what they say about Murphy’s Law. I’ve always been a rather lazy person. My ‘novel’, which I began work on in late 2014, only stands at 40,000 words. The manuscript which I completed the previous month is three quarters of that. Wow.

I am… amazed. I had never seen myself as a man capable of such fervent writing. 1000 words a day might not seem like much but everyday was a battle. An uphill trek. I juggled schoolwork and other commitments, staying up late every night just to write, and writing every time life decided to give me a breather. It was painful, tiring, depressing, and ultimately, refreshing. Through this feat, I have proven something important to my writer’s self.

You might not think 30,000 words in a month is amazing. But it means the world to me. Who knew one task like this could shift my paradigms so abstractly. Before this, I was but a stray, digging in the swamp for a 1000 words a week, and not always succeeding. Now, I stand on the peak of the mountain that stands at the gateway to the world of writing, and the world stretches out endlessly before me. The air is fresh, and the view amazing. You know, right now it doesn’t even matter if my manuscript gets accepted or not. These 30,000 words will become a part of me, always reminding me of who I am, and who I want to be.

I can’t wait to get started on my next piece.


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