alone [uh-lohn] 
adjective & adverb
1. having no one else present; on one’s own.

is a word I would prefer to use to
describe my present situation.
But pride and perhaps
mental deterioration
contribute to my

By myself I stand on this
island. I’ve stood
here for

Here I stay with two spice1 sky and sea both
breathtaking beautiful blue but not the
same. Trees leaves sand wind our
servants. No machines no boats.
Ivory lighthouse on the coast
refuses to wake up and call
for help. Jail paradise. I
won’t admit I am

I won’t admit I am waiting for someone
who won’t come. Eating fish and fruit
everyday under shade of coconut
trees. Sorrow heaven. I started
to call the place Neverland
because the Never was so
fitting. Never leave.

Never go

Written for 11th USP-Piper Creative Writing Course 2016 Anthology ‘Free Lunch’

To be used as the plural of ‘spouse’


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